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What is aluminum sunshade net

November 30, 2021

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What is aluminum sunshade net?


Aluminum sunshade net is a relatively new product at present. Once it is listed, it has been widely praised and recognized for its unique advantages. However, as a new type, many people do not know its main functions and characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about this kind of sunshade.




General knowledge of aluminum shading net:


The aluminum sunshade is made of pure aluminum foil and transparent polyester film. In simple and popular terms, the essential difference between aluminum shading net and ordinary shading net is that there is one more layer of aluminum foil than ordinary shading net. Aluminum foil shading net is divided into inner net and outer net. Inner net is the shading net used inside the greenhouse, and outer net is the shading net used outside the greenhouse. We must pay attention to it when buying.


The characteristic of the aluminum foil sunshade is that it can almost completely reflect the solar radiation, significantly reduce the temperature under the sunshade and maintain the humidity of the environment. Compared with the ordinary sunshade, the cooling effect of the aluminum foil sunshade is about twice. Of course, the price is also more expensive than the ordinary sunshade.


According to the sunshade machine manufacturer, the aluminum foil sunshade has the dual effects of cooling and heat preservation, and can also prevent ultraviolet rays. Its performance is superior to that of the ordinary sunshade. It is suitable for planting some crops with high environmental requirements in agriculture. It is used as a sunshade in life. For example, the car hood is made of aluminum foil, The quality of aluminum foil shading net varies greatly according to the use mode and price. We must distinguish whether it is an external network or an internal network when buying and using it.

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