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The Installation and Use of Insect Net

January 10, 2022

Latest company news about The Installation and Use of Insect Net

The Installation and Use of Insect Net


There are two main ways to use insect nets. One is to use the original arched plastic greenhouse frame and replace the plastic sheet with an insect net, and the other is to build a flat-topped insect net greenhouse. Now, let's take a look at the issues that need attention during installation.




First of all, the pillars must be arranged reasonably. The principle of pillar arrangement is to withstand the pulling force of the insect screen, especially when it is windy and rainy. Because after covering the insect-proof net, if there is a strong wind, the wind can pass through the mesh and the net can block the wind, generating huge force and easily causing the shed to collapse. Therefore, the uprights must be reasonably matched and strong. The column material can also be selected according to your own situation. Cement columns, wood and bamboo poles can all be used. In order to prevent the anti-insect net from sagging, iron wires should be connected between the posts, and the anti-insect net should be framed on the iron wires, so that you are not afraid of rain.


The top of the column is the most easily broken after the insect net is pulled. In order to prevent the column from scratching the insect net, the top of the column must be wrapped with a soft cloth. We ordinary people are more familiar with arch sheds. Many farmers have their own arch sheds. There are large and small arch sheds, when insect nets are needed, they can be supported by the original brackets. After the insect net is installed, it is very important to press the bottom side firmly, and use soil or stones to press tightly along the edge of the net to completely block the passage of pests and make it a barrier.


In normal life, we must also pay great attention to whether the insect net is tight. After entering the shed, we must press the seams tightly to prevent small flying insects from entering. In addition, when leaving, still have to see if the seams have been compacted. In daily use, if a broken place is found, it must be repaired in time to ensure the tightness of the insect net.



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