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The difference between shade net

September 30, 2022

Latest company news about The difference between shade net
The difference between the mono yarn sunshade net and the flat yarn sunshade net is that the yarn of the mono yarn sunshade net is like a fishing line. Flat yarn is flake. The general service life of mono yarn is not as long as that of flat wire. The shading rate of the mono yarn is relatively low. The process is different, the rmono yarn is extruded, and the flat yarn is a complete sheet-shaped net cut into small pieces, which are then woven. The round wire generally does not need to be recycled, and the flat yarn can be recycled.

As an emerging shading material in recent years, aluminum foil shading net is one of the most popular greenhouse shading materials on the market. Aluminum foil sunshade net is a kind of sunshade net, and it is also one of the most common types of sunshade nets in life. Because it contains aluminum foil, it is called aluminum foil sunshade net. It is precisely because its material contains aluminum foil, so compared with other types of sunshade nets, aluminum foil sunshade nets have better reflective performance, which can better reflect excess sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and the cooling effect in summer can reach 4. It is about -5 degrees Celsius, and it can have a good thermal insulation effect in winter. Moreover, the aluminum foil sunshade net is made of antistatic material, which is not easy to absorb dust and other dirty items, and can be kept clean for a long time, which can well meet the requirements of greenhouse sunshade.


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