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The difference between bale net and bale rope and the advantages of bale net

May 26, 2023

Latest company news about The difference between bale net and bale rope and the advantages of bale net
The difference between bale net and bale rope and the advantages of bale net
It goes without saying that the two biggest factors affecting the growth and quality of crops like hay/stalk are weather and time of day. You can't control the weather, and you can't always control the time. However, the way you pack is entirely up to you. Such choices can affect not only the productivity of the field, but also the nutritional quality of your bales. Your baling packaging material is more than just packaging presentation, it involves potential storage loss, feed value, livestock health, meat/milk production, and fuel and labor costs.
Of course, if your decision is based on strict equipment and material costs, bale rope is an easy win. Because bale netting materials and equipment do add to packaging costs, the results of the study justify the added cost in many cases.
1. Packing with bale net can save a lot of packing time
Bale net packs require only 2 to 4 spins, while rope packs require 20 spins. In fact, a study conducted by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) showed that baling with bale nets resulted in an average 32% increase in bale counts over rope. This adds a lot of time to your day.
2. Greatly reduce the loss of crops
In the ASABE study, storage and handling losses were reduced by 65% when bale netting was used for baling. Why? Because the bale net packs the crop tightly, keeping it within a secure, fully covered "cylinder" (a tighter, more uniform, more stable space than the ). If you consider the extra strength of a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bale netting, such as JCPLAS Jiarun Bale Netting, it further increases the protective properties of the bale netting as it minimizes stretching. No matter how you handle, transport and store your bales, "minimizing material loss" is the name given to Jiarun Bale Nets.
3. Easy to store
We all know that indoor storage is recommended when storing bales, but with limited storage space, this idea is not always feasible. If you're using twine to store your bags outdoors, make sure you're storing them properly on a surface that will drain (like a pallet) to reduce water damage to crop storage. The bales packed with straw nets have a smaller surface contacting the ground than square bales. If they are placed in the correct position (ventilation direction), the moisture in the bales can be easily discharged, so the storage is more convenient. Much better than a square bag packed with rope.
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