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The development stage of building exterior shading

May 16, 2022

Latest company news about The development stage of building exterior shading

In the energy consumption of buildings, the energy consumption of air conditioners and other equipment accounts for a large proportion, which requires improving its thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance in the process of designing and constructing buildings, and building external shading is one of the important methods to reduce energy consumption. 
Coupled with the development needs of engineering construction, commerce, and housing construction, the external shading of buildings has gradually risen and developed. External shading can block sunlight and heat out of the window, the shading effect is superior, and it brings a lot of convenience to life, and the development of external shading in China, the author summarizes the following stages:
The initial phase
External sunshade products have been around since ancient times. However, before the reform and opening up, the material was poor and could not meet the most basic necessities of life, so it was impossible to talk about the higher living requirements of sunshade products. There is no concept of technology, arts and humanities. Poor economy, backward concept and bleak production and operation, these are the portrayal of the initial stage of external sunshade.
budding stage
In the 1980s, with the reform and opening up, social and economic progress has been made by leaps and bounds, and life has been greatly improved, which has created new requirements for the living environment and a new understanding of shading. In the mid-to-late 1980s, traditional sunshades, sunshade films and simple sunshades appeared in the Chinese market one after another and entered thousands of households. The external sunshade industry has entered the budding stage, and the young and stubborn green shoots have opened the curtain of a new era of external sunshade.
progression stage
The wheel of time traveled to the early 1990s. In China and Shanghai, brand-new sunshade enterprises and stores sprang up. A variety of sunshade products such as external sunshade and internal sunshade are popular in large and medium-sized cities across the country. People have put forward more requirements for the function and appearance of external sunshade.
growth phase
The development of China's shading industry has always been closely related to the development of the construction industry, and it also closely follows the development of the international shading industry. In the 21st century, economic development has driven people's humanistic requirements for the living environment to further increase. The requirements for external shading are not only functional and affordable, but also the visual beauty brought by external shading.

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