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Sunshade net protection measures

December 20, 2021

Latest company news about Sunshade net protection measures

Nowadays, many large farmers will choose the sun shading net, which can effectively improve the yield. In fact, some people just follow the trend and do not understand the secret of it. When it comes to vegetables, the net also has a protective measure, which can not be too sunburned, but also play the role of heat preservation.


Sun-shade net factory house is introduced according to different crops and season to choose suitable types of sun-shade net in general, like the effect of weak light, such as ginger, short growing crops such as fast-growing leafy vegetables and seedling period appropriate chooses black sun-shade net, summer and fall crops and xi crops or growth period, strong light in longer of cultivation of crops such as delay the solanaceous fruit vegetable should choose white sun-shade net. In terms of different cultivation seasons, black sunshade net should be used for shading and cooling in summer, and white sunshade net should be used for anti-freezing in winter.


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