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Status and prospect of deep sea cage culture technology?

October 12, 2022

Latest company news about Status and prospect of deep sea cage culture technology?

Deep-sea aquaculture cage refers to aquaculture cages that can be used in relatively deep sea areas (usually the depth of the sea area is greater than 20m). It is a breeding equipment that has developed rapidly in the past ten years. It uses computer, new materials, pneumatic, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling (attachment), anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) and other high-tech, even in very harsh sea conditions, it can maintain the cage structure system and its culture The fish are safe and sound. At present, the relevant national management departments have formulated a policy to restrict offshore cage aquaculture and support and encourage deep-sea aquaculture. The implementation of this policy is of great significance for expanding aquaculture sea areas, reducing environmental pressure, protecting and regulating the structure of marine aquaculture species, and promoting scientific deep-sea aquaculture. In the past two decades, large-scale deep-sea cage aquaculture, represented by Norway, has developed rapidly and continuously around the world, and achieved remarkable results. It is considered to be a successful model of current marine aquaculture equipment. In addition, Chile, Scotland, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Austria and other countries have also achieved great success.

1.1 Expand aquaculture sea areas and reduce environmental pressure.

Under normal circumstances, the sea area of ​​-10~-200m is suitable for deep-sea cage culture, which is conducive to changing the current situation of excessive aquaculture in coastal shallow seas and inner bays and environmental deterioration.

1.2 Improve breeding conditions and improve fish quality.

The environment in the cage is stable, the water body is large, and it is closer to nature; the fish has a wide range of activities, high survival rate, fast growth, few fish diseases, and easy recovery; more natural bait, less bait; cultured fish The shape and meat quality are close to wild.

1.3 Expand breeding capacity and improve production efficiency.

A PE cage with a circumference of 50m can produce 20t of fish, and only one person is required to manage it.

1.4 High technology content and more standardized management.

Deep-sea cages are equipped with automatic bait feeding, automatic grading and collection of fish, automatic counting of fry, automatic collection of dead fish and other automatic facilities. Vaccine injection is used for epidemic prevention, and the management is more standardized [1].

2. Development characteristics of deep-sea cages at home and abroad

2.1 The volume of cages is becoming larger and larger

Taking the HDPE cage in Norway as an example, from the initial volume of 0.1×104m3, its large volume has developed to 2.3×104m3; while the volume of the TLC cage has also reached 1×104m3, and the output of a single cage can reach 250t , Greatly reduces the cost of aquaculture per unit volume, and improves the economic benefits. Large-scale cages are more conducive to standardized management.

latest company news about Status and prospect of deep sea cage culture technology?  0

2.2 Popularization of application of new materials and new technologies

The structure adopts new materials such as HDPE, light-weight high-strength aluminum alloy and special stainless steel, and adopts various anti-corrosion, anti-aging technologies and efficient and non-toxic anti-fouling technologies, which greatly improves the overall structural strength of the cage. , so that the service life of the cage can be doubled, and the daily maintenance and operation costs are greatly reduced. The deep-sea cages are all made of new materials with strong tensile strength and good flexibility, which can withstand typhoons of 11~12 levels and large waves with a height of 5~6m. . The net is treated with efficient and non-toxic anti-fouling biological treatment, and the service life is more than 5 years. Some structures can be automatically lifted and lowered, which ensures the safety of cages and aquaculture。

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latest company news about Status and prospect of deep sea cage culture technology?  1

2.3 Automation of breeding management

With the application and development of computer integration and automatic control technology, the automatic breeding management technology of cages has developed rapidly.

2.4 The application of systems engineering method pays more attention to environmental protection

In the research of cages, the system engineering method was used to study cages and their environment as a system, combined with computer simulation technology to conduct simulation analysis, integrate environmental protection concepts, and minimize the pollution and impact of cage culture on the environment. , in order to realize the mode of sustainable development and achieve the coordinated development of the two.

2.5 The supporting devices and technologies of cages are vigorously developed

Various countries have successfully developed various multi-functional work boats, various automatic monitoring instruments, automatic feeding systems and other series of related supporting equipment, developed efficient and practical compound feeds, solved the breeding technology of healthy fry, and formed a complete system. supporting industry and mature deep-sea cage aquaculture operation and management mode. Such as live fish delivery pump, solar night alarm, automatic fish size classification, net clothes washing machine, fish size classification system, vacuum live fish catcher, deep-sea cage baiting system, shark-proof mesh tensioning structure, net Box breeding monitoring system, fiber rope research and development, etc.

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