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Scientific and reasonable selection of sunshade nets

December 16, 2022

Latest company news about Scientific and reasonable selection of sunshade nets

Scientific and reasonable selection of sunshade nets

The main function of the sunshade net is to block the strong light and reduce the temperature of the greenhouse. Covering the sunshade net is an important measure for the production of greenhouse vegetables in high temperature seasons. However, if you choose an inappropriate shade net, it will not only cause the plants to grow too long, but also not conducive to flowering and fruit setting. Therefore, we must scientifically and reasonably choose the shade net.

1. Don't judge the quality of sunshade nets by color: the sunshade nets currently on the market are mainly black and silver gray. The black shade net has a high shading rate and quick cooling, and is suitable for short-term coverage in fields that require careful management in hot summer; the silver-gray shade net has a low shading rate, and is suitable for light-loving vegetables and long-term coverage.
2. The quality of the sunshade net is not decided by the color, the color of the sunshade net is added in the process of raw material manufacturing. Therefore, different vegetables should choose different shade nets.
this video is weaving shade net.
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