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Quickly repair the broken sunshade

September 6, 2022

Latest company news about Quickly repair the broken sunshade
The sunshade produced by the sunshade manufacturer is damaged because of the broken needle h. how to quickly repair the damaged sunshade? Many people may also know that generally, in the process of repairing, repair should be started from the outside of the net bottom, and the fabric pasted should be outward from the side not coated with PU, which is more wear-resistant.
According to the bottom-up repair method, repair the outside of the net bottom first. When we select the broken fabric, we should ensure that it is more wear-resistant. When subsidies are needed, we should apply glue, especially the edge, and then paste it. We all know that the drying speed of glue is relatively fast, so we should act quickly.
After repairing the bottom of the net, we can repair it upward, so as to ensure that the shading net can be repaired quickly. After the repair, we should carefully check it. Of course, if you are not sure of the repair, you can also find a sunshade manufacturer to help you complete the repair operation.

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