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Protect Plants with Anti-Hail Nets

June 1, 2022

Latest company news about Protect Plants with Anti-Hail Nets

Hail is one of the most damaging weather phenomena in agriculture. In fact, hail can destroy entire cultivations and leads to long term production losses.


What is hail netting made of?


Hail netting is the most efficient protection system of the plants, which can ensure a continuity of production over time. The hail netting is made of polyethylene monofilament, which is UV stabilized and durable. The hail netting can prevent the hail from damaging the plants and ensure the harvests.

The most effective hail protection system is anti-hail nets  ideal to prevent the countless damages caused by hail.
There are different types of systems with anti-hail nets for the protection of orchards and vineyards.

How does hail netting work?


Hail netting material ensures plants' protection from hail and birds till their harvest. Installation of hail netting is in rows, drape down over the plant, shady canopies, pyramid shape, and flat as a shade. Most commonly, hail netting is fitted in rows for crops and drape down the plant.


Different types of hail net?

Flat system: the anti-hail nets are installed horizontally to allow the passage of machinery without difficulty.
Roof-shaped system: it was the first anti-hail system used to protect plants.
V5 system: evolution of the flat system recently developed to solve the problem of hail discharge from nets.

Anti-hail apron: in addition to direct protection from hail, birds, sun and wind, this system influences the microclimate of the vineyard and creates numerous benefits. Moreover, with this system the net can be raised and closed very easily to allow operations agricultural and pruning.



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