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Precautions For Transporting Warp Knitting Machine In Rainy Days

October 11, 2022

Latest company news about Precautions For Transporting Warp Knitting Machine In Rainy Days

                                     Precautions For Transporting Warp Knitting In Rainy Days


Warp knitting machine loading:



1. Add tarpaulin during transportation. In order to prevent the damage to the packing box equipment such as sunlight and rain during transportation, the packing box should be covered with a tarpaulin, especially for long-distance transportation, maintenance measures must be taken on the packing box.


2. Choose a suitable truck. In domestic trade, many trucks are directly transported by manufacturers. Therefore, it is also a very important thing for warp knitting machine companies to purchase a suitable truck. When transporting to other countries, pay attention to choosing the right container size, and at the same time do a good job of cleaning the transport.


3. When loading the goods, there should be no gap between the goods, so as to avoid damage caused by the collision between the goods during transportation. Load the goods with the front side facing up, so as not to cause oil leakage such as machinery in the inversion, contaminating other boxes.


4. Be sure to pay attention to the stacking method when loading the goods. Choose the bottom goods that can bear the weight to avoid the packing box being squeezed and damaged. The packing box equipment must be added with anti-skid wood and shock-absorbing pads during transportation.


The Warp knitting Machine includes needle bed, bar, sinker bed and pressure plate, which are generally driven by cam or eccentric connecting rod. When the equipment is working, one or several groups of parallel yarns are fed to all the working needles, and the knitted fabric is formed at the same time. 


latest company news about Precautions For Transporting Warp Knitting Machine In Rainy Days  0

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