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Precautions for starting warp knitting machine

February 20, 2021

Latest company news about Precautions for starting warp knitting machine

1. Turn on the air conditioning equipment in advance to make the workshop reach the required temperature and humidity

The temperature of the carbon fiber machine workshop is 23℃±7℃

The temperature of the magnesium-aluminum alloy machine workshop requires 25℃±2℃

Workshop humidity: about 65%


2. Turn on the machine power, and the machine will warm up for 8h after a long period of shutdown

If the machine is water-cooled, during the heating period of the machine, according to the factory conditions and conditions, see if it is necessary to turn off the water valve and adjust by yourself


3. Check whether the machine oil temperature and oil pressure meet the requirements

Carbon fiber LEO machine oil temperature: 44℃-49℃

Oil temperature of magnesium alloy machine: 38℃-40℃

Oil pressure: 3.5-4 bar


4. Check and eliminate the faults displayed on the machine screen


5. Check the production and operation data of all equipment
For example, whether the pan head data (pan head inner circumference, outer circumference, number of turns, warp let-off, etc.), drawing density, winding parameters, etc. match the product


6. Start the slow car, check the stitch length, make sure that the guide needle and sinker are in the center and do not wipe the needle


7. Check the tension of the yarn and the cloth surface. After there is no problem with the cloth surface pattern, perform a low-speed test run first to check whether the machine has abnormal noises. If any problems are found, remove them in time


8. Check the auxiliary device as needed
For example, are scanning, photography, infrared, safety light grids, limit switches, etc. turned on and are their functions normal? If there is no abnormality, it can be turned on normally

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