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Introduction to anti-bird net

January 25, 2022

Latest company news about Introduction to anti-bird net

Anti bird net is a kind of mesh fabric made of polyethylene with anti-aging, anti ultraviolet and other chemical additives as the main raw material. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, easy waste treatment and so on. It can kill common pests, such as flies and mosquitoes. Conventional use and collection are light, and the correct storage life can reach about 3-5 years.
Bird net covering cultivation is a new and practical environmental protection agricultural technology to increase production. By covering on the scaffold to build an artificial isolation barrier, birds can be excluded from the net, and the breeding path of birds can be cut off, so as to effectively control the transmission of all kinds of birds and prevent the harm of virus disease transmission.
It has the functions of light transmission and moderate shading, creates favorable conditions suitable for crop growth, ensures a significant reduction in the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields, makes the output crops high-quality and hygienic, and provides a strong technical guarantee for the development and production of pollution-free green agricultural products. The bird net also has the function of resisting natural disasters such as storm scouring and hail attack.
Bird proof nets are widely used to isolate the introduction of pollen during the propagation of original species such as vegetables and oilseed rape, as well as the isolation cover after virus-free tissue culture of potatoes and flowers and pollution-free vegetables. They can also be used for bird and disease prevention during tobacco seedling raising. At present, they are products for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. Truly let consumers eat "reassuring food" and make contributions to China's vegetable basket project



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