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high speed warp knitting machinec can make insert net

December 30, 2021

Latest company news about high speed warp knitting machinec can make insert net
Insect proof net not only has the function of shading, but also has the function of insect prevention. It is a new material to prevent vegetable pests in the field. Main functions of insect prevention net
It is used for the seedling raising and cultivation of Chinese cabbage, cabbage, summer radish, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, fruit, melon, beans and other vegetables in summer and autumn, and can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate and seedling quality.
Covering form
(1) The insect proof net shall be directly covered on the greenhouse frame, and the surrounding shall be tightly compacted with soil or bricks. The net shall be fastened with film pressing line, which shall be used in combination with film pressing line and film coiler, and the front door shall be reserved for uncovering.
(2) Bend bamboo pieces or steel bars into small arches, insert them on the field border, cover the insect prevention net on the arch, and then water it directly on the net until harvest, and implement full closed coverage.
(3) Cover with horizontal scaffold. During the growth period of folding cover, the insect prevention net has less shading, and there is no need to cover day and night or uncover the front cover and then uncover it. It should be covered in the whole process, so as not to give pests the opportunity to invade, so as to obtain satisfactory insect prevention effect.
Soil disinfection
After the previous crop is harvested, the residues and weeds of the previous crop shall be removed from the field in time and burned intensively. 10 days before the establishment of the shed, drain water to submerge the vegetable border surface for 7 days, drown the eggs and aerophilic bacteria of surface and underground pests, then remove the accumulated water, expose to the sun for 2-3 days, and spray pesticides on the whole field to sterilize and kill insects. At the same time, the periphery of the insect prevention net shall be compacted and sealed to prevent pests from sneaking into and laying eggs. When the small arch shed is covered for cultivation, the arch shed shall be higher than the crops to prevent the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insect prevention net, so as to prevent the yellow striped beetle and other pests outside the net from eating the vegetable leaves and laying eggs on the vegetable leaves. Scope of application
① Leafy vegetables are cultivated by covering with insect prevention nets. Leafy vegetables are favorite vegetables for urban and rural residents in summer and autumn. They have the characteristics of fast growth and short cycle. However, there are many pests in open field production and serious pesticide pollution, so citizens dare not eat them. The use of insect proof net covering cultivation can greatly reduce pesticide pollution.
② Eggplant, fruit and melon insect prevention net covering cultivation. Eggplant, fruit and melon are prone to virus diseases in summer and autumn. After the application of insect prevention net, the transmission route of aphids is cut off to reduce the harm of virus diseases.
③ Seedling raising. From June to August every year, it is not only the seedling raising season of vegetables in autumn and winter, but also the period of high humidity, rainstorm and frequent insect pests, so it is difficult to raise seedlings. After using the insect prevention net, the vegetable emergence rate is high, the seedling rate is high, and the seedling quality is good, so as to win the initiative in autumn and winter vegetable production
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