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Greenhouse cover form

November 10, 2022

Latest company news about Greenhouse cover form

Shade nets are mainly used in summer and autumn for raising seedlings, late cultivation of summer vegetables, early cultivation of autumn vegetables, and cultivating strong seedlings of summer and autumn vegetables. Now we mainly explain the covering methods of the lower shading net.
1. Floating surface coverage, also known as border surface coverage, is to cover the sunshade net directly on the border surface, which is mainly used for sowing seedlings and field vegetables.

2. Cover with small arch sheds, use small arch sheds, or temporarily use bamboo poles as arches, and cover them with sunshade nets that are fully enclosed or semi-enclosed. Generally used for celery, cabbage, cauliflower and other post-emergence rainstorm prevention, shading strong light to cultivate strong seedlings or small greens, as well as eggplant and melon vegetables.

3. Cover with a flat shed, build a flat scaffold with wooden stakes or stone pillars, and use small bamboo poles, ropes or iron wires to fix the sunshade net, with different heights and widths. Due to a certain height, the sunlight can directly shine on the border surface in the morning and evening, which is conducive to photosynthesis, prevents leggy growth, and can also block strong light and rainstorm. Most of them are covered all-weather, which can save labor.

4. Covering large and medium sheds can be divided into three methods: one is fixed roof covering, the sunshade net is directly covered on the shed roof, the two sides of the net are 1.6--1.8 meters above the ground, and the strong light is blocked at noon. See you in the morning and evening Light, this method can save the labor of frequent uncovering management; the second is the movable cover of the roof, the sunshade net on the shed film, one side of the net is fixed with a card slot, the other side is tied with a rope, and the cover is uncovered according to the weather. It is mainly used for seedling raising, seed production and seed storage, with good cooling effect; the third is hanging cover in the shed, using large and medium scaffolding, and hanging the sunshade net on the border at 1.2--1.4 meters above the ground. For celery, cauliflower and other seedlings or cultivation, this method has a good ventilation effect and does not need to be uncovered every day.

Vegetable farmers can choose the shade net covering method according to their own conditions, so as to maximize the use of the shade net and cultivate green and pollution-free vegetables.
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