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Greenhouse aluminum foil shade net machine

January 25, 2022

Latest company news about Greenhouse aluminum foil shade net machine
Overview of aluminum foil sun shading and thermal insulation curtain:
1. Reflection and transmission: through the reflection and transmission of aluminum foil and transparent polymer materials, cool down during the day, keep warm and save energy at night, form good indoor climate conditions and reduce energy costs.
2. Moisturizing and anti condensation: the woven structure allows sufficient water vapor to pass through to prevent condensation at the lower part of the curtain.
3. Long service life: the anti ultraviolet stabilizer added in the material has resistance to the chemicals commonly used in the greenhouse.
4. Stable performance: with special formula and process and pure aluminum foil, the product will not be dealuminated. The shrinkage of the product is ≤ 0.1% at 70 ℃.
5. Small occupied space: the special woven structure makes it easy to fold, so as to ensure that the lighting resources can be used as much as possible when the sunshade is retracted
6. Application: it is suitable for various forms of greenhouses and can be installed under different greenhouse covering materials. The installation method can select the sliding system and suspension system of supporting curtain line.

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